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We have made arrangements for a suite at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Valparaiso for $69 per night for a suite.  Location and contact information:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

1251 Silhavy Rd.

Valparaiso, IN 46385



David Sassanella, general manager



2008 Collier Lodge Dig informational Page



A message from Dr. Mark Schurr

If you have archaeological field work experience and would like to spend some time the field volunteering on an excavation, we could use your help this summer at the Collier Lodge site in Porter County, Indiana.  This is a public project and visitors and volunteers are welcome. Previous field work experience is not required to work the dig, but potential unit leaders/supervisors are required to be approved by Dr. Schurr. Contact the Kankakee Valley Historical Society for more information about visiting or volunteering. We will typically be at the site between 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Monday through Thursday.

More info about the Collier Lodge project is available at::


This year, field work will be conducted between July 7 to July 24, 2008.

Graduate or undergraduate students wishing to work at Collier Lodge can obtain academic credit through the Notre Dame Summer Session program. Please contact Mark Schurr or the Notre Dame Summer Session for more info.


- Mark Schurr

  Mark R. Schurr

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Anthropology

University of Notre Dame

611 Flanner Hall

Notre Dame , IN   46556

Phone:  574-631-7638

Fax:      574-631-5760


Archaeological Institute of America Collier Lodge 2008 Dig webpage:


  New 2008 Indiana Archaeological Law changes  .pdf 


2008 Dig Information Package

Aspiring archeologists and those just interested in the area's history will be offered a unique opportunity July 7th through July 24th, 2008 (Monday through Thursday work schedule) at the site of the old Collier Lodge (1099 Baum’s Bridge Rd.) just south of Kouts along the Kankakee River.

To take part, individuals need only become a member of the Kankakee Valley Historical Society and prepare themselves for what could be a fruitful, but slow-going process, said Mark Schurr, associate professor of anthropology at the University of Notre Dame.

"Archeological field work takes a lot of patience," he said.  Schurr will oversee the project.

He described the site as the best he has seen in his 14 years in Northwest Indiana and said 1 1/2 days of digging by Notre Dame students in 2003 produced 240 artifacts. Among the items discovered was pottery, some dating back to the prehistoric period of A.D. 1100, he said.  During the 2004 dig over 10,000 artifacts were found.

Schurr said the 2008 dig likely will turn up more pottery, stone tools, animal bones, food remains and garbage pits, which will provide clues to early life in Porter County.

All artifacts discovered will become part of a collection at Notre Dame, he said, though the goal will be to put them on display in the community to tell the story of the Collier Lodge.

"They don't do a heck of a lot of good if they're sitting in a dark closet," he said.

The dig will involve surveying the site, removing dirt, sifting through the dirt, collecting and washing artifacts, while documenting everything along the way. The work will go on from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday's through Thursday, and will be open for those who want to watch from the sidelines.

 "This is not going to end when the dig is done," Schurr said.

A narrative report will be prepared on the items found, and KVHS and Dr. Schurr plans on holding a dig every year for the foreseeable future.

Special Information for the 2008 Dig Unit Leaders

 The 2007 Collier Lodge Dig will be from July 7th through July 24th . We will be working a Monday through Thursday schedule and will begin at 9 AM and end around 4 PM. We have four trained unit leaders at this time, but are looking for any additional individuals with archaeological field work experience to send in your resume to Dr. Schurr at: mschurr@nd.edu  

After the dig, there may be more washing and sorting parties by the KVHS as usual.



Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Inc.


A Not-for-profit Corporation




 The purposes of the KVHS are set forth in its Articles of Incorporation on file with the Indiana Secretary of State.  The KVHS will encourage an ongoing dialog and association with persons having an interest in the past and future of the Kankakee Valley Area.  The Society will promote an interest in the rich, diverse history and cultures of the Kankakee Valley Area through educational programs, speakers, interactive activities, displays of memorabilia, artifacts and ongoing research.  The Society will continue to collect and preserve visual and oral records of the Kankakee Valley Area.  It will interact with existing programs and groups in an effort to tie in the importance of the history of the Kankakee Valley Area to Indiana as a whole.

  Your membership in the Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Incorporation will help support these goals as well as the vision of restoring the remaining “Hunting Lodge” also known as “Collier’s Inn” located at 1099 Baums Bridge Road in Kouts, Indiana. Restoration of the “Old Lodge” will create a center for: display of historical records and memorabilia; a meeting place for community groups as well as the KVHS; an opportunity to walk on the floors where former presidents, Teddy Roosevelt, Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland once walked; to view the Kankakee River and surrounding habitat in all of its splendor; a spot to sit and reminisce; social gatherings will once again become common place. The possibilities are limited only by imagination and membership. 

  Your membership in the KVHS includes a membership card along with a regular mailing of the KVHS Newsletter and the opportunity to be an active participant in making history come alive for present and future generations.




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Please Check One:

           INDIVIDUAL     $30.00                            FAMILY     $40.00

Please make your check or money order payable to: The Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Inc. and mail along with the completed form to:

  The Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Inc.

 22 W 1050 S 

Kouts, IN 46347

  QUESTIONS? Call John or Mary Hodson at (219) 766-2302 PLEASE PASS ALONG A FORM TO A FRIEND:




STREET  ADDRESS:_______________________________________________________________  






Please Check One:

    INDIVIDUAL     $30.00                             FAMILY     $40.00           




July 7 - July 24, 2008


  I am applying for participation in the 2008 Archaeology Dig at Collier Lodge Site. I understand that this involves strenuous activity and that a potential for injury exists. Professional medical aid may be located several miles from the place of activity. I hereby release Mark Schurr, University of Notre Dame, Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Inc, John P Hodson, individually, John P. Hodson Revocable Trust and Riverwood Farms Inc., of all liability for accident, injury, illness or death, whether or not said accident, injury, illness or death was caused by the negligence of Mark Schurr, University of Notre Dame, Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Inc , John P Hodson, individually, John P. Hodson Revocable Trust and Riverwood Farms Inc.. I further certify that I am in good physical health, with no physical conditions or liabilities which would endanger me or impair my work in the archaeological project.

I represent that I will take adequate hydration and nutrition.  I will promptly report any physical problems which I may experience on site to the point person, (point person will be identified at the start of each day).  I further agree to exercise due care in all my actions and follow the supervision and direction of the governing individuals and entities.

I hereby give my consent to the use of my photo, video image or any likeness, which may be taken during activities, to be used in press releases or as the Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Inc. sees fit.

Any person under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult who has legal authority to sign on his/her behalf.

I have read and understand the above and by my signature agree to the conditions of the waiver.


Signed: ____________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________


Parent or legal guardian signature (If applicant is under 18 years of age):

Signed parent or legal guardian:  _________________________________________ Date: ____________________


Print or type the following:

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City, State and Zip Code: __________________________________________________________________________

Phone number: _____________________________ Email address: ________________________________________

Who should we notify in case of an emergency?

Name: ________________________________________ Relationship:_____________________________________

Address: ________________________________ Phone:______________________________________________

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2008 Collier Lodge Site Archaeology Dig

July 7th through July 24th ~~~ Monday - Thursday work week


An separate form must be completed for each applicant.


All participants must be a current member of The Kankakee Valley Historical Society,



This application is subject to review and approval by KVHS Archaeological Committee.


Name: ____________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________


Phone:  ____________________ E mail: _________________________________________


Previous Experience (Please describe briefly):







Time and dates available to work (July 7 - July 24, 2008 (Note: Monday through Thursday work week)







**Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult member of KVHS who has the legal authority to sign on his/her behalf, hereinafter referred to as “responsible adult.”


___I am under 14 years of age and will be accompanied by:


Printed name of responsible adult: _______________________________________________



Signature of responsible adult: ___________________________ Date: _________________


If not parent or adult with legal responsibility a written statement of permission to obtain medical treatment, signed by parent or adult with legal responsibility, is required for each child.