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Aukiki River Festival (ARF) Rules and Regulations


Date: August 22, 2009 

Hours:  Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p. m.

  Setup will begin anytime from 2 p. m. 10 p. m. on Friday. Contact the ARF Committee for other arrangements.

  The Aukiki River Festival Committee has the power to tell any participants to remove inappropriate items.  If such items are not removed, you may be asked to leave, thus forfeiting your fees.

  All participants must adhere to any decisions by the Aukiki River Festival Committee.  Aukiki River Festival Committee decisions are final.  Aukiki River Festival Committee members will be identifiable.

  Historic attire must be worn by all participants Saturday and during open hours. You are encouraged to wear historic clothing at all times, bringing old worn historic clothing for work time.

  Non-potable water and firewood is provided.

  No flea market items.

  No items determined by the Aukiki River Festival Committee to be dangerous or unwanted will be allowed.

  No alcoholic beverages will be consumed during the day - between midnight and 5 o'clock in the afternoon. All beverages must be consumed from primitive containers. No drugs or illegal substances allowed.

  During the evening hours, use good judgment and moderation. Please refrain from any activity that is disruptive to others

  MINORS: No minors allowed to camp alone outside their parents' or legal guardians' designated area. NO MINORS ALLOWED TO CONSUME ALCOHOL.

  NO DOGS, or ANIMALS ALLOWED, except program dogs or companion dogs for handicapped.  Participants are responsible for all pre-approved animals and will need proof of insurance and required immunizations.

QUIET TIME after 12 midnight. so all can sleep! Be considerate of others.

No vehicles in the festival area at any time except to load or unload ONLY before 8:30 a.m. Unload and remove vehicles immediately. DO NOT let vehicle block roadways while you arrange your camp or booth.

  Except with special permission secured in advance, camps and booths will not be broken prior to 4 p.m. Saturday. No vehicles will be let in to pack up until after 4:15 p.m. Saturday.

  All participants must stay in the designated area and not wander off into the woods.

  No loaded or primed firearms except at the designated shooting range. The shooting range must be supervised by a festival represenitive during shooting demonstration hours. 

  No raffles allowed.





I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the risks and hazards inherent upon entering in, on or upon said premises where the Aukiki River Festival is held and/or in participating in any activities held at, on or upon said premises. Acknowledging said risks and hazards, I, nevertheless, elect voluntarily to enter upon said premises, knowing their present condition and knowing that said condition may become more hazardous and dangerous during the time of the Aukiki River Festival. In addition, I hereby voluntarily assume any and all risks of loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, while in, on, or upon said premises, and I voluntarily assume any and all risks of loss or damage to my property while in, on, or upon said premises. I am aware that my involvement as a participant in the Aukiki River Festival is a hazardous activity, and I am voluntarily participating in this activity with the knowledge of the dangers involved.


In consideration of my participation and with full understanding of the inherent risks, I hereby fully waive, release and hold harmless the Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Inc., Riverwood Farms, Inc., John P. Hodson, and the John P. Hodson Revocable Trust and any of the directors, officers, agents, employees, or assigns of the aforementioned entities or persons from any and all tort and civil liability arising from or relating to my participation in the Aukiki River Festival. This waiver, release and hold harmless relates to and includes, but is not limited to, any and all present and future claims, whether known or unknown, whether anticipated or unanticipated, including any and all claims of negligence against the Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Inc., Riverwood Farms, Inc., John P. Hodson, the John P. Hodson Revocable Trust and/or any directors, officers, agents, employees or assigns of the aforementioned entities or persons. This waiver, release, and hold harmless also relates to and includes any and all property damage, loss, other damage, penalty, cost, expense, personal injury, claims, causes of action, or wrongful death arising from or related to my participation in the Aukiki River Festival.


I have read this Release of Liability and fully understand that by signing this Release of Liability, I am giving up legal rights and/or remedies which may otherwise be available to me. This release shall be binding upon my distributees, heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and personal representatives.


In signing the foregoing release, I hereby acknowledge and represent:


(a)           That I have read the foregoing release, understand it, and am signing it voluntarily;


(b)            That I am over eighteen (18) years of age and of sound mind.


AGREED this________ day of_______________ 1200



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