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Books and Papers

An Anthropological Report on the Indians of the Kankakee River

Kankakee Marsh Historic Place Names by Philip E. Vierling

Kankakee River Chronology of Events 

The Red Mans Rebuke by Simon Pokagon

Pioneer Hunters of the Kankakee by J Lorenzo Werich

Tales of an Old Border Town and Along the Kankakee by Burt E. Burroughs

The St. Joseph-Kankakee Portage

Potawatomi History  

Pokagon History  

Skid Puffer  

Wether Book diary of Josiah Granger 1852  

Northwestern Indiana from 1800 - 1900  

Max Ahlgrim notebook  

An Archer on the Kankakee by J. Maurice Thompson

The Passion of Lew Wallace by John Swansburg  

Lew Wallace an Autobiography  

The Kankakee Marsh of Northern Indiana  

Department of Army Navigability of Kankakee River  

1916 Congressional Report of Kankakee River planned channelization

The Kankakee River Yesterday and Today  

Report Upon the Improvement of the Kankakee River-1883  

Counties of Porter and Lake, Indiana 1882

Kouts Centennial Book

The Red Man's Rebuke by Simon Pokagon