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About Susan And Gary Brown

As multi-instrumentalist and songstress, Susan performs
on fretted dulcimer, guitar, zither, autoharp, piano,
penny whistle, recorder, and various rhythm instruments. 
She is known for expressive vocals; from ethereal Celtic tunes
to hard-hitting country songs. She records for Folk Legacy,
Cobwebs, and Tradfolk labels, as well as her own label 
Brown Studios. At Valparaiso University and other schools, 
she instructs Renaissance dance, teaches private music lessons, 
writes original compositions, is associate music director 
at Christ Lutheran Church, appears on public access cable TV, 
and loves to entertain audiences of all ages.

Gary adds his enthusiasm for music, history and people
to the performances with sensitive and varying vocal harmonies,
creative rhythm instrumentations, and harmonica. He has a
knack for getting the audience involved, especially children.
Holding a degree from Valparaiso University in
history, he adds his expertise.

Susan and Gary Brown join their interests in music 
and history in presenting programs from various
time- periods of our country's growth as well as
tunes from the British Isles. Often performing in period
costume, the Brown's entertain as they invite the
audience to travel back and share history
through music, dance and story.