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  Keeping old-time music traditions alive, the Oxcart Ramblers pay homage to their musical inspirations. The Carter Family, The Skillet Lickers, Tommy Jarrell, The New Lost City Ramblers, Kyle Creed, and Woody Guthrie are among the many old-time musicians too numerous to name.

  The Oxcart quintet is composed of Ryan Francis, aka Cousin Buster on resonator guitar and harmonica, Bill Wilkie on fiddle and banjo, Chuck Detmar on mandolin, Brian Conner on guitar and lap dulcimer, and Mark Koranda on banjo.

  Each member of the band has developed a personal and spiritual relationship to this old-time music in his very own way. The one thing they all have in common is the heartfelt joy that comes from playing such genuine and honest music.

  Whether it be a roof raising barn dance tune or a mournful mountain ballad, the high energy delivery that the Oxcart Ramblers provide, and the raw and earthy authenticity of this long ago music will have you tapping your feet and thirsting for more. They guarantee it. Take a step back in time; come listen to the Oxcart Ramblers.

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