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Trois Canards


Trois Canards is a trio composed of Suzanne Keldsen, Dot Pakan, and Marti Pizzini.  They have entertained visitors at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, The Feast of the Hunter’s Moon, The Isle B la Cache Rendezvous, The Indiana Historical Society, and many other events and historic locations.  The trio is known for their musicality, historical accuracy, and their cheerful, easy rapport with audiences.  Their repertorie includes folk songs “Aupres de ma blonde”  “Une perdriole,” and “J’ai trop grand peur des loups” and instrumentals  “Joys of Quebec” and “La bastringue.”


They have produced a CD, ’ Vent Frais, French for “cool breeze,” which is a buoyantly feminine rendition of French voyageur-era music.  Their music is played on guitar, hurdy-gurdy, recorders, accordion, and dulcimer.  The songs are sung mostly in French.  The printed lyrics are included with the CD.


All three “Canards” sing.  Suzanne, who plays guitar and recorders, brings a background in Renaissance music to the group.  Dot, an accomplished keyboardist, deftly adapts the accordion to these traditional tunes.  She has also lent her expertise as a French teacher to the production of the lyrics for the album.  Marti, with many years of experience in historic folk music, plays the dulcimer, epinette, humel and France ’s beloved hurdy gurdy.