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The purposes of the KVHS are set forth in its Articles of Incorporation on file with the Indiana Secretary of State. The KVHS will encourage an ongoing dialog and association with persons having an interest in the past and future of the Kankakee Valley Area. The Society will promote an interest in the rich, diverse history and cultures of the Kankakee Valley Area through educational programs, speakers, interactive activities, displays of memorabilia, artifacts and ongoing research. The Society will continue to collect and preserve visual and oral records of the Kankakee Valley Area. It will interact with existing programs and groups in an effort to tie in the importance of the history of the Kankakee Valley Area to Indiana as a whole.

Your membership in the Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Incorporation will help support these goals as well as the vision of restoring the remaining "Hunting Lodge" also known as "Collierís Inn" located at 1101 Baums Bridge Road in Kouts, Indiana. Restoration of the "Old Lodge" will create a center for: display of historical records and memorabilia; a meeting place for community groups as well as the KVHS; an opportunity to visit where former presidents, Teddy Roosevelt, Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland once walked; to view the Kankakee River and surrounding habitat in all of its splendor; a spot to sit and reminisce; social gatherings will once again become common place. The possibilities are limited only by imagination and membership.