Kankakee Valley Historical Society Questionnaire

The KVHS Board of Directors have been working hard to move our society forward. And, we have been making great strides with our projects! We are at a point that we feel a need for your input. We would like to know your thoughts to help guide us. At our 2nd annual Aukiki Flapjack Breakfast more than half of our guests filled out the questionnaire and some of the results surprised us. That’s why we decided to expand the spread to. It is important that we hear from you and your thoughts and suggestions. You will find the questionnaire below. You can underline, X or highlight your choices. When you are finished you can simply email to: president@kankakeevalleyhistoricalsociety.org  with your filled out form. Please, do not be shy and give us your thoughts/suggestions and use the comment section to tell us anything we might have left off the form. This questionnaire is for our internal use only and will not be disclosed. It is not necessary that you give your personal information, but it would help us to identify who would like to be involved with specific projects.

Please, fill out forms and email to: president@kankakeevalleyhistoricalsociety

Kankakee Valley Historical Society Questionnaire-Word-simple