Dear Santa, it’s 1906

Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write you a letter and tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a steam engine, a circular saw, and automobile racer, and hand-car, and engine that I can ride on, a pair of skates size no. 10, some games, a bob sled, a sword, a gun, a jack-knife, a story book, a printing outfit, a suit, a gold watch, a gold watch chain, a gold watch charm, a silk muffler, a signet ring, a box of letters, a blue necktie, two dozens of linen handkerchiefs, a bank, finger gloves, mixed nuts, candy, oranges, bananas, and a burning outfit. That is all I want for this Christmas. I am a good boy and I go to school every day and I am ten years old. My teachers name is Miss Kacid Lawrence. Don’t fall down the chimney like you did last year. So Good-bye. Your Dear Dearest Friend, Luis Borucki, RFD No. 4 Box No. 105 Valparaiso, Ind. PS Don’t forget about the chimney. Good bye Dear Santa.

Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy seven years old. I live near Deep River. I go to school every day. I am in the second grade. My teachers name is Miss Vera Bradley. I would like to see you. It is so near Christmas times I thought I would write and tell you what I would like to have you bring to me. I would like to have a rubber ball, a sled, a new over coat, a new pair of overshoes, and some candy and nuts. This is all I want what. O dear Santa Claus please don’t forget my sister. She lives with Grandma.

Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write you a letter and tell you what I want for Christmas. I’ll be very good if you bring me something for Christmas. I want a new dress, sewing box and a box of writing paper and my little sister wants a doll. So Good Bye From Lena Allen, Hebron, Ind.

Lena Allan was born on December 7, 1894 to Enoch and Ora Alyea-Allen in Porter County, Indiana. Lena passed away on February 24, 1908  due to pneumonia.

Dear Santa Claus: I will write and tell you what I want. I want a little telephone and a storybook and a game and some nuts and candy and bring whatever you think is best for a little boy. I go to school most every day. Your little friend, Clarence L Riddle, Deep River, Ind.

Clarence L Riddle was born on March, 14, 1900 to William and Martha Cambine-Riddle in Indiana. Clarence died on December 25, 1911 in Michigan City, Indiana. Cause of death was Typhoid Fever.

Dear Santa: Christmas is almost here and I thought I would write and tell you what I want for Christmas. I would like to have a work box, a couple pair of hair ribbons, a handkerchief, and some candy and nuts. Goodbye, Mildred Upp Valparaiso, Ind.

Mildred Emma Upp-Douglas was born on June 28, 1895 to Austin and Orpha Speaks-Upp in Illinois. She married Lester Douglas in 1924. Mildred died on December 6, 1960 in Valparaiso, Indiana. Her cause of death was heart attack.

Mr. Sany Clause: Please send me a hobbyhorse & some nuts & candy. I am 6 years old & go to Sunday school. Alvia W. Hitesman, Valparaiso, Ind. PS I go to school every day & am a good boy. I live at 505 E. Ellem St.

Alvia Washington Hitesman was born on May 21, 1900 in Valparaiso, Indiana to Samual and Emma Corsbie-Hitesman. In 1931 Alvia married Edna Smith. Alvia died on September 15, 1966 in Valparaiso, Indiana. The cause of death was Heart Failure-Coronary Thrombosis.

Dear Santa Claus: I want a sewing box and a little stove and Vance wants a Jack in the box and I want a sled and he wants a rubber ball and he wants a little doll and I want a little doll too we want a sack of candy and some oranges we want some nuts and bring papa and mama something. Good by Florence Cummins, Hebron, Ind.

Florence Carol Cummins was born in March of 1899 to John and Grace Clites-Cummins  in Indiana. In October of 1920 she married Ray L Gear in Portland, Oregon. In 1942 Florence joined the Women’s Army Corps (WAC). Florence died on September 27, 1988 in Pasco, Washington.