2020 Aukiki River Festival Participant Application

2020 Aukiki River Festival Participant Application Form
Kankakee Valley Historical Society, Inc.

Sponsor: Kankakee Valley Historical Society
Phone: 219-766-2302
Email: jophod@gmail.com
Event Dates: Saturday 29 & 30, 2020
Event Times: Saturday, August 29, 9AM-5pm (CST)
Sunday, August 30, 10am-4pm (CST)
Set Up: Friday: August 28, 2pm-10pm (CST) (See rules and regulations for “other arrangements”
Tear Down: Tear down may not begin before 4pm on Sunday.
Location: 1097 Baum’s Bridge Road, Kouts, IN 46347

I/We hereby make application for space at the above festival. I hereby do agree to the conditions set forth in the rules and regulations. The character of exhibits shall be limited to things that are in accordance with the rules. I understand the ARF committee has final decision on all matters regarding exhibits and agree to abide by their decision. Please complete the following before July 1, 2020.

All applications are subject to review for authenticity and period appropriateness. First time participants must submit color photos of your clothing, shelter and period merchandise or supply web site information with these photos.

No ventor charge if you do demonstrations.
Frontage, Depth, type of Shelter. Include ropes, firepits/cooking area

ARF 2020 Participant app form-fillable

ARF 2020 Waiver-fillable

ARF 2020 Waiver