Dear Santa in1912 Part 1

Christmas in 1912

Dear Boys and Girls—
Please write your letter on one side of the paper and as clearly as you can. Charley Moore who prints your letters for me, can read anything. If a hen walked in the mud and stepped over a sheet of white paper Charley could read what the hen said, but he has to sweat to read some of your otherwise nice letters. Address your letters to
Care of Times,
Hammond. Ind.

Hammond. Ind., Dec. 19.
Dear Santa: I thought I would write you a little letter to tell you what I want for Christmas. Please bring me an English doll buggy and a game of Teddy in Africa and a bed and some nuts and candy and a Christmas tree. And If you don’t have enough presents for the poor children give them some of mine. Good-bye, Santa. I am a little country girl.

Teddy’s Adventures in Africa

Hammond, Ind., Dec. 2, 1912.
Dear Santa Claus: I am writing to you early this year so you don’t forget me. Last, year you nearly forgot me. Papa Just cleaned the chimney so you can come down and not make yourself dirty. I will give all my money this time. And Santa, will you please send me a railroad track and some cars and a pair of boots, a sled, a rocking horse, nuts and candy and Christmas tree. Don’t forget mamma and papa.
Yours respectfully,
791 Sohl street

Stieglitz Park. Ind., Dec. 6.
Dear Santa Claus: I am glad to write to you. I am the oldest of seven children and my age Is 12 years. I would like a pair of gum boots, my size Is 4. I have five sisters, they are 10, 8, 6, 3 and 10 months. They all like to have what you have to spare. And I have one brother, 4 years old. He also would like ai pair of gum boots. His size Is 10 ½. My address Is
2907 Indiana Boulevard and 121st street.

Hammond. Ind., Dec. 7.
Dear Santa Claus: I thought I’d drop a line and tell you what I want. A violin and a train that runs on a track, a watch and a Christmas tree, a big dog, a bass ball, a stocking full of nuts and candy, and horse, buggy and a baby sister.
MAURICE LEWIS. (1905-1988)
739 Walter street.
Maurice did not get his wish of a “baby sister”

Hammond. Ind., Dec. 9,
Dear Santa Claus: Bring me a doll, some kid kittens, a story book, a set of dishes, a tree with some trinkets to put on it, and mot of all don’t forget the signet ring. But dear Santa you must not forget the little children that are left in this world without a papa or a mamma. Pease go to them first and if you have anything left then come to my house. I am you little friend.
420 Truman avenue.

Whiting. Ind., Dec. 9.
Dear Santa: 1 am a little boy seven years old. Please send me a set of anchor building blocks and a magic lantern and some nuts and candy. My mamma is telling me how to spell the words I don’t know.
MILTON HEIN. (1905-1978)

Magic Lantern

Hammond, Ind., Dec 6.
Dear Santa Claus: All the children are writing letters to you so I thought I would write and tell you what I want. I want a set of furs, a new coat, a pair of gloves, a nice game and a doll and my sister Naomi would like a doll and buggy, table, set of dishes, set of furs, coat and hood and a little dresser, and my brother Charles would like a duck that quacks and a little horse, blocks, a little train, a rubber doll and a little. horse. That will be all this time.
Goodbye. From
BERNICE TROWE. (1904-1973)

Bernice Trowe about 1917

Bernice Trowe, Naomi, Charles, Petie

Joan and Bernice Trole Van Slyke

Griffith, Ind., Dec 10.
Dear Santa: I am a little boy six years old. Please bring me a pair of skates and a train of cars. Now I will close my letter and say good-bye.
From your friend.
LEIGH ALGER. (1906-1993)

Leigh Alger

Hammond, Ind.. Dec. 10.
Dear Santa Claus: Please bring me a new rubber doll and a rocking horse. And bring me a lot of candy, nuts and oranges. I will hang my stocking up so you can fill it. Don’t forget my little friend Jeff Singer she likes candy, too. Love to you.

Helen Beebe

Hammond, Ind., Dec. 11.
Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write you a few lines to let you know what I want for Christmas. I want an automobile and wagon with a horse and harness. I want a sweater and a tie and a Christmas tree. And don’t forget mamma and papa. From
758 Walter street.

Griffith. Ind., Dec. 12.
Dear Santa Claus: I want a steam engine, an engine that runs on a track, an airgun, about a thousand shot, I want a printing press, a fire engine. Bring some books and pencils. Bring me an automobile, a bow and arrow. I want a moving picture thing and a good coasting sled. Bring some toys for Hilary and for me.

Sylvester Beiriger

Hammond, Ind., Dec. 1.
Dear Santa Claus: Christmas will soon be here and I hope you won’t forget me. – Please bring me a doll, a go-cart and some nice story books and don’t forget the candy and nuts. Please don’t forget mamma and papa. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
150 Johnson street.

Angela (Nell) Motkowicz

Hammond, Ind., Dec. 10.
Dear Santa Claus: Well, I guess I will have to write to you again this Christmas. I was six years old last
Sunday so you see I haven’t been to school yet, so my mamma has to hold my hand while I write, but next year I will write to you all alone. I just got over the measles. I want a go-cart because my old one Is nearly wore out. and I want some little knives and forks, some spoons, some little plates, cream pitcher and sugar bowl. You don’t need to bring me a dolly because my auntie Is going to get me a great big one this year. My little brother is four years old and he wants a bicycle. That is all this time. You better come in the door because If you come down the chimney you might burn up for we keep a hot fire In the furnace, and be sides you would go clear to the basement. Be sure and come. Your little friend,
JUNE L ROBINSON. (1906-1993)
454 May street.

June Robinson

Hammond, Ind.. Dec. 10.
Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write you a few lines and let you know what I want for Christmas. Dear Santa, please bring me a train that runs on a track, a rubber ball, some tin soldiers, some games and also bring me a nice dolly because I have no sisters to play with, and if you have no dolls left when you receive this letter, please bring me a baby sister.
Yours truly,

Gary-Tolleston, Dec. 12.
Dear Santa Claus: I want so many
things for Christmas I scarcely know how to tell you. I want a doll carriage, a pair of skates, a three-foot doll, a doll trunk, as many nice books as you can spare. Please don’t ‘bring less than six. Don’t forget brother Gene. He is naughty but bring him a little something: anything that you have over that you think a little girl 6 years old would like. Bring it along.
2257 Tenth place.

East Chicago, Ind., Dec. 12.
Dear Santa: I am a nice little girl only 7 years old. I go to school and would like a negro dolly and a bottle pop. I leave the gate open so that you can bring In the sleigh. I would kiss you if you were here. Good-by, Santa.
From your loving girl.
MARGEY O’GIRR. (1898-1977)
Corner of 148th and Todd avenue.

Margaret O’Girr-wedding

Hammond, Ind., Dec. 12
Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl 8 years old. I thought I would tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a doll and a sled and candy, nuts and stick of gum. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Eulah Denton-Stump

Hammond. Ind., Dec. 12.
Dear Santa Claus: I want a coaster sled and a novelty miller and a humpy dumpty and an airgun, a pair of gum boots and a Christmas tree. I guess I will close. I am eight years of age.
266 Sibley street

Hammond Ind., Dec. 12.
Dear Santa Claus: I want a pair of gum boots, a tool chest and a drum, an airship, a coaster sled, Chicago limited flyer, a pair of stockings and some candy and nuts and Christmas tree. I guess I will close. I will try to be a good boy. I am 9 years of age.
266 Sibley street