KVHS Volunteer Application

Kankakee Valley Historical Society volunteers

2022 has been a big year for the Kankakee Valley Historical Society. With the need to deconstruct the Collier Lodge, we are now working up the design of the new replica Collier Lodge. Removal of the original Collier Lodge opened the opportunity to restart archaeological digs in and near the lodge footprint. It has become clear to the KVHS Board of Directors that branding and marketing KVHS is a priority. Fundraising for the construction of the new Collier Lodge is another priority for KVHS. To accomplish these and other KVHS goals we need to expand our volunteer base. The KVHS Board has approved the initiation of Advisory Board positions. Advisory Board members will sit in on Board meetings and join in discussions along with the Board. Advisors will have many of the same responsibilities and expectations of the Board members, except for voting on motions. It’s also a way to prepare Advisors for nomination to Board of Director seats. We are also looking for KVHS committee members. Many of our committees have become inactive and need to be reinitiated. Our Conservation and Wildlife committees have become woefully neglected. There are additional volunteer opportunities for those that wish to be part of a local non-profit organization. The KVHS mission is to promote and preserve the rich history, culture and ecology of the Kankakee Valley through wise stewardship for this and future generations.

Please, fill out the application below to join the KVHS team.