12th annual Aukiki River Festival New Participants

WW2 5th Armored Division

South Bend, Indiana lies near the headwaters of the Kankakee River. During World War 2 South Bend was a hub of war production. Studebaker was a major producer of military vehicles, especially the US6 2 ½-ton truck and the M29 Weasel tracked vehicle.

The 5th Armored Division reenactor group celebrates the history of WWII military vehicles. At the 12th annual Aukiki River Festival they will exhibit the  Studebaker US6 2½-ton 6×6 truck, Studebaker Weasel, M16 half-track and Willys MB Jeep. Other military equipment will also be on display.

During the course of the festival the 5th armored division will hold live fire demonstrations at our Collier Lodge rifle range.

M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage half-track

Willys Jeep (L) Studebaker M29 Weasel (R)

Studebaker US6 2½-ton 6×6 truck

Willys Jeep

Other weapons and equipment

Kankakee Valley Historical Society Native Gardens project.

In spring 2019 the Kankakee Valley Historical Society built a new Native Gardens. We raised the previous garden and a new committee took over. It’s coming along swimmingly! On hand to describe the new Native Gardens is Tim Jordon, aka Healing Spirit. Tim is Shawnee and Leanpe and speaks his native language of Shawnee. He demonstrates primitive fire marking with a bow and drill, arrowhead making and native gardens and seeds. He also has family connections to the 1679 LaSalle Kankakee River exploration.

Medicine Garden

Three Sisters Garden

Tim Gordon

French Colonial

Kristen went to the Feast with a girlfriend when she was in school. I went the next year as a visitor and Kristy has a picture of me standing outside the roped off camp saying I will NEVER do that. Well the next year Kristy talked me into making myself an outfit so I could go into their camp and visit for the day. Now I have 3 tents and a hauling trailer and go to events by myself. I have gone to re-enactments all the way from Thunder Bay Ot Canada to Homeland FL. I even did 15 in one summer. It just gets under your skin. The friends you make and people you talk to at an event are just a joy. At the end of a season I can’t wait to start the next summer.

Kristen Pool and Chad Noel-Jones

French Colonial campsite

Hoo-Wil Farm

Hoo-Wil Farm was established in 2017 in Valparaiso IN. Hoo-Wil Farm raise sheep, dairy goats, dairy cows, and ducks. They are a small hobby type farm that started primary for their daughter in 4H. Their daughter shows everything at Porter County Fair, but horses and swine. They believe in breeding the animals they show and the ones that are not suited for breeding are sold or butcher for their family. Hoo-Wil Farm breed St. Croix-Katahdins cross of those that are hair sheep and a heritage breed of sheep Border Leicester. They also breed Nigerian Dwarfs only for their goats. Hoo-Wil Farm have Holsteins for dairy cows, work with farm down the street with Hereford beef cows. They have primary Pekin ducks, but run some other breeds as well for showing at fair. The name Hoo-Wil comes from his father’s two sides as the family Hoover’s and the Wilson’s who both farmed in now Portage back in 1933 till early 70’s.



Sheep Shearing

Sheep Shearing